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The Naïve American like most normal people is fed up with the amount of political ads that are being constantly run on television.  I spend a small amount of time in front of the television set.  I just do not have the time or interest in watching most of the programs carries by national networks.  My selection is quite small.  I record on my DVR and watch Diane Sawyer every day around 08:00 PM and 60 Minutes typically later after it is broadcasted on Sundays.  The main reason is that the show is typically delayed by the previous sports broadcast.  We have set our DVR at 06:00 PM on Sundays to record two and a half hours.  That seems to work well.

Besides the two shows my wife and I regularly watch, we scan the cable box and stop at channels that show the most interesting programs at that time.  This is when political ads ranging from the presidential to the Apple Valley, MN city candidates, bombard us.  The good thing is that political campaigns spend money that helps different businesses, from local TV stations to printers and restaurants.

The Naïve American does not believe a single word from any politician.  They just say what their team, sponsored by wealthy individuals and organizations, tell them what to say and do.  For the presidential election on one side we have president Obama and the Democratic Party who goes after the votes of blacks, union members and Naïve Americans that have less income.  On the other hand we have Mitt Romney the Republican candidate that APPEARS to appeal most to the wealthy which are the ones that tend to own companies and businesses that provide jobs for upper, middle and lower income Naïve Americans.

Because of this FALSE PERCEPTION, most Naïve Americans are polarized to the different candidates based on their social and economic status.  I recall attending a conference in which this phenomenon in which people tends to align themselves based on preconceived ideas was well described and discussed.  This way of behavior is exploited by politicians telling people what they want to hear, not what they will do doing once in office.

If for a second you believe on what presidential candidates say, you have to remember that both Democrats and Republicans get most of their millions of dollars for their campaigns from a relative reduced number of contributors.  Yes, Democrats that APPEAR to be behind the needs and wants of the less privileged get most of their money from millionaires.  Why do you thinks this is?  The obvious answer, wealthy people that decide on the presidential candidates and provide them with political funds want a return on their investment.  If such group spends 100 million Dollars, you must rest assured that they will get in return several times on their investment.  This is the American way.

Now, lets get to specifics.  It used to be that absentee voting was for people that were not going to be available the day of elections.  The most common reason used to be travel.  Today millions of Naïve Americans vote weeks in advanced.  This tends to open possibilities for fraud.  The same holds true allowing people to vote without a voter ID.  Just by having one or two other Naïve Americans to vouch for another should not be allowed.  Nest time you go to a store to purchase an item or a service, tell the clerk or sales person to take some numbers as your credit card and leave with the goods on the basis that you have provided the proper numbers and that you have enough credit to cover your purchase.  Yes, I am sure you are laughing at this scenario but this is exactly what happens no longer just on election day, but for weeks prior to the first Tuesday on November on election years.

As we need people to have a driver license to drive a car or truck, we also need to have voter IDs to vote on election days.  If I wish to fly an airplane, I also need to have an ID that allows Naïve Americans to verify that I am certified to have the ability to fly a specified type of plane.

If you live in Minnesota, the Naïve American urges you to go to the polls next Tuesday and vote “YES” on the constitution amendment requiring a voter ID.

The Naïve American

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