What is wrong with us Americans?

It is Sunday evening.  Just finished watching 60 Minutes and decided that I had something to write before the end of the day.

Today was an average Sunday.  It was the weekend for my son to have his daughters.  They stay with my wife and me every other weekend.  As usual after waking up, getting dressed and walking the dogs (brrrr roofs and lawns were covered by frost this morning) I got everyone up while fixing breakfast.  Yesterday we got a couple panettones at Costco so we switched from challah to panettone for a few days.  My grandfather used to own a dozen bakeries and would fix panettone towards the end of the year, as it is traditional in Italy.  After bathing and shaving went downstairs and worked on my computers for a few hours.

Spoke with my younger son on the phone.  He was on his way to visit his in-laws.  Apparently one of his nephews was celebrating a birthday and they decided to do it halfway between homes at the grandparent’s place.  That saves each family over an hour commuting.

Around noon my wife, son and granddaughters decided to go to Life Time Fitness to spend an hour swimming and biking.  We all got in the family sedan and drove to the health club.  On our way we drove by a few gas stations.  I noticed that the price for regular unleaded gas was around $3.11 a gallon.

On our way back from the club, we decided to stop at Super World Buffet.  This is a local Chinese buffet that reopened a couple weeks ago after undergoing a two and a half months renovation.  The place looks better and there are a few additional items in the menu.  I did notice that there were at least a couple hundred people at the restaurant.  On or way home I kept seeing signs in gas stations boasting regular unleaded gas around $3.11 a gallon.

I have this believe that I am somewhat intelligent.  I also believe that there are millions of Naïve Americans that are smarter than me.  I do not understand how can such group of people not realize that something is drastically wrong when gas sells for $3.11 a gallon when a few weeks ago it was around $3.85 and we should be taking into account that just a week ago hurricane / storm Sandy destroyed thousands of homes in the east coast, killed about 70 people and destroyed infrastructure (railroads, subways, roads) in several states.  As any Naïve American can easily research, every time there is something out of the ordinary in the USA or in the Middle East, the oil companies find a way to raise fuel prices in hours.  On this occasion, prices that where already going down, continued to so do.  If you are able to see the prices of plane fuel in airports you will realize that those prices have been and are still going up.  What is different between those prices that few are able to see as what the populous is able to see at the pumps for automobiles and trucks?

It does not take too much to figure out that Tuesday November 06, 2012 most Naïve Americans are going to the polls to elect a new president.  The battle is between Democrat and incumbent Barack Obama and the Republican challenger Mitt Romney.  Republicans (do you recall the two (2) Bush presidents whose fortune prior to getting into politics was oil in Texas) are labeled as being representatives of the top 1% and have support of millionaires in our country.  In reality, Democrats are also interested in making money, as we should be able to reason they have a big influence in the price of fuel.  This way the bottom 47% that believes they need to vote for Obama will do so with the false sense that things are getting better from an economic point of view.  Politicians, Democrats or Republicans are the same.  They are in it just to benefit from office and care little about what happens with Naïve Americans.  If the target electorate wants to believe that president Obama is doing good for our country, the millionaires that control the Democratic party and the oil companies will keep prices low until a few weeks after election day.  At that time the price of fuel will go up.

If you do not believe this, a week or so ago, the government published revise unemployment figures.  Such figures look better that previous ones.  At the same time unemployment grew by one tenth of a percent (0.10%).

Hopefully when you go to the pools on Tuesday you will choose or better yet leave your ballot blank when voting for the president and for representatives.  The majority of people who belongs to unions will vote for the politician that has made be best false promises in order to buy their votes.  Middle class Naïve Americans who are the force and brains to improve on the economy are being crushed and systematically being eliminated by eliminating good paying and plentiful jobs.

The Naïve American is not as eloquent as Mr. Obama or Mr. Romney.  The only difference is that those two are politicians that have and will continue to benefit from office.  The Naïve American is just interested in making changes to our beloved USA will be around as a leader for generations to come.


Today it is Saturday November 10, 2011 @ 04:15 AM CST.  Earlier this morning woke up with a thunderstorm.  Kind of late for this time of the year but after Sandy and the damage it did to New Jersey and New York, all is possible.  Yesterday evening went out to the movies with my wife.  While driving to the theater, I checked on the current prices of regular unleaded gasoline in the area (Apple Valley, Burnsville and Eagan, all cities in Minnesota).  As expected and predicted, the price of gasoline in less than a week after election day went up from an average price of $3:09 to $3.29 a gallon.  It has not been a week since the presidential elections (last Tuesday November 06. 2012) and the price went up by $0.20 cents.  Not sure why we Americans are so naïve to believe in what politicians say and do when reality is so different.  Point at hand, democrat voters who believe that the president did a good job with the economy and will continue to do so re elected Mr. Obama to office.  As we can see, wealthy people (the top 1% that own and control the oil industry) reduced for a few weeks their profits in order to convince Naïve Americans that things are fine with the economy.  The bottom 47% (as the wealth Mr. Mitt Romney referred to the lower income class) does not have the power to do so, yet most of them voted for Mr. Obama.

The issue is not simple at all.  First Naïve Americans need to wake up and smell the roses.  This appears not to be a simple thing.  Next we need to change the political system in such a way that politicians can no longer be bought by the top 1%.  The problem is that the change should come from politicians but politicians are interested in the status quo, not in Naïve Americans or the USA.  If you have any ideas on how to make a change please speak up before it is too late.

The Naïve American


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