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Last evening was opening night for the latest James Bond 007 movie Skyfall.  Keeping with a long tradition that started when my dad was alive in 1965, my wife and I at 07:00 PM were at the Regal Theater in Eagan, MN to watch James Bond fight evil.

Last weekend my oldest granddaughter was browsing the set of movie discs at home.  My son, his youngest granddaughter, my wife and I were sitting on the couches around the flat screen giving our opinion on which movie to watch.  My granddaughter is almost thirteen years old and has developed a taste for James Bond movies.  Years ago (OK, about a couple decades ago) my youngest son bought me the, at the time, entire collection of 007 movies on VCR tapes.  I watched them many times through the years until VCR players were replaced by DVD and lately by blu ray technology.  In the past few years I replaced the VCR tapes and continued to get the latest releases in the James Bond series.

We were undecided in which one to watch.  The final choice was between Thunderball and Never Say Never Again.  I mentioned to my granddaughter that both movies were versions of the same story.  Apparently she wanted to watch the original version (1965) so we inserted Thunderball in the blu-ray player, got cozy with the dogs and started the movie.  A few minutes into it I mentioned that Thunderball was the first movie that my dad and I watched together at a theater.

It was a workday evening in 1965.  My dad came back from work and told me to get ready to go to the theater.  He had two tickets for the opening night of Thunderball.  We hurried and made it to the theater.  The movie had just started.  We made our way to the front of the theater (only one screen per theater at the time) and found two empty seats.  The theater was packed.  The first images were of James Bond using a jet pack to reach his Aston Martin to escape the house were he had just killed a bad guy.

It has been a few decades since that event and my memories are still fresh as if it happened yesterday.  It is interesting how fond memories stay engraved in our brain through the years.

Last evening it was my wife and I that watched Skyfall.  Even though I liked Sean Connery in the role of 007, Daniel Craig does a pretty good job.  As usual for a James Bond movie, there is the opening action scene that sets the mood for what is to follow.  In Skyfall, action started with the first scene and never stopped.  I do not recall any other 007 movies with so much action.

M rode in a Jaguar instead of a Rolls Royce or BMW as in other movies.  James Bond got in his old Aston Martin towards the end of the movie.  Q was quite different from previous versions.  Some classic phrases were uttered like “… and we expect the equipment to be returned in working order …” or something like that.

In the final scenes 007 encounters a couple dozen bad guy and as expected takes care of them all.  Some setup for future James Bond movies is made so the characters are recognizable on the next one.  In the past a new movie just had a new actor playing a previous role.  In Skyfall we got a glimpse on who is playing which roles.

My only suggestion for the next one would be to include more fancy cars and gadgets.  The new Walther 9 mm PPK/S looks nice.  I own a Walther PPK 38 caliber.  It is an older gun.  I would like to see more powerful and larger capacity pistols used in future versions of James Bond movies.  Owning a PPK I know that some scenes would have required several clips and constant reloading.

My oldest son mentioned a couple days ago that he read a review that stated Skyfall as being the best Bond movie so far.  I told my son that I would be the judge of that.  After watching the show I have to agree that this is probably the best Bond so far.  Daniel Craig played the central role well.

I spoke with my youngest son earlier today.  He mentioned that his wife and him were going out on a dinner and movie date on Saturday.  They chose to watch Skyfall.  This will be the first Bond movie for her.  Chances are she will get hooked with 007.

Looking forward to watch the next James Bond movie.  Hopefully it will be produced in a year or two.


The Naïve American

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