Israel and Gaza

Today Saturday November 17, 2012 the conflict between Israel and Palestinians in Gaza continues to escalate.  Palestinians against Israel have fired hundreds of rockets.  Israel has retaliated accordingly with air strikes.  Buildings have been destroyed on both sides.  At this point in time the count of fatalities is 42 Palestinians and three Israelis.

The news carries similar messages from both sides.  Palestinians claim that Israel initiated the conflict and they are just reacting to protect themselves.  Israel has the same claims.  Of course, Israel started the air raids and mobilized reservists after Palestinians fired hundreds of rockets from Gaza.

Not sure how this and future conflicts may be resolved.

Decades ago the land in which Israel resides was given by the United Nations to the people of Israel.  That land was under control of the British.  With time and due to hard work, Israel has purchased additional land.  By doing so, Palestinians that have different values and less economic power have developed resentment and claims against Israel.  Other nations in the area are not too fond of Israel either.  We have heard several times that some Arabic nations do not recognize Israel as a nation and wish to eliminate it sooner than later.

Not sure when and if the United Nations will step in and resolve the disputes once and for all.  As the United States of America grows weaker in economic and military aspects, the issues in the Middle East will just continue to escalate.  From a human point of view nations should take action before it is too late.

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