cuba_flagA few weeks ago president Obama announced that he would like to explore the idea of resuming diplomatic and hopefully business relationships with the Cuban government.  Shortly after the announcement reporters flocked to Cuba to interview people and collect the opinions of Cubans regarding the change.

For what I have read and watched on TV it seems that Cubans are positively interested.  It would affect their economy and way of life.  It looks like Cuba was frozen in time in the 1950s.  Cars on the streets are old and mechanics have managed to keep them running with custom made parts.  Some people have commented that such cars would be worth a lot in the US.  That might not be the case since most cars do not have original parts.  Lifting the embargo would allow Cubans to start rebuilding their economy.  They would have Internet access.  They could travel to the USA which is only 70 miles away.cars_in_cuba

I assume that several companies in the US would be interested in building hotels and condominiums for tourist.  Not sure how stable the country would initially be.  In my opinion investments by corporations and individuals would probably lag a few years after diplomatic relations are restored.

Given that Cuba does not pose a military threat to the USA since the fall the communist party in Russia it might not be a bad place to visit.  I would wait for a few more years before booking a trip to Cuba.

obama_and_castroI am not sure how current immigration laws would affect people that came from Cuba or would like to move to the USA.  Given the change in status I would assume that future immigrants would have to follow the same rules as migrants from other countries in Latin America.

Overall, re establishing diplomatic and business relations with Cuba should be a point in favor for the Obama administration.

The Naïve American

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