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obama_care_propositionYesterday afternoon my oldest son picked up my wife and me from the MSP airport.  We returned happy but very tired from a two week holiday.  I will write more about the actual holiday experience on a separate blog entry.  This entry describes an event that appears to explain very well Obama Care.

This week, my wife and I were aboard a Royal Caribbean Cruise in Europe.  When you take a cruise you select a stateroom type (cabin to sleep and put your belongings).  The location of your breakfast_royal_caribbeancabin in the ship is associated with perks, level of service and of course price.  We were able to use most restaurants on board the ship.  One of them was the main restaurant that offered breakfast from 08:00 AM to 11:00 AM.  All tables were well appointed with linen and silverware.  A full staff of waiters made sure your dining experience left no things to desire.  You had the choice of dining alone in a table for two or share a large table with other ten random guests.  If you knew my wife you could guess that most of our meals were in large tables.  That allowed us to interact with different guests with different backgrounds and nationalities aboard the ship.

In this particular scenario, we sat next to two British couples.  Both males had their own businesses.  The spouses were a nurse at a large hospital and a K-12 equivalent teacher.  They both stated that in the UK there are no unions.  I believe unions are called guilds.  The conversation was very pleasant and at some point due to the fact that one of the ladies was a nurse close to retirement, the topic shifted to Obama Care.

healthcare_providersMy wife and I stated the facts.  Healthcare has gone down in quality and coverage, and up in costs without exception.  Obama Care has been a complete disaster for the U.S.A.  It has not accomplished a thing.  This opinion appears to be well shared among educated taxpayers.  People without education may or may not share the same opinion and that is why Obama was elected for a second term.  The nurse took with a grain of salt what we said and posed a simple and intelligent question.  If Obama Care is still around who benefited from it?  That required a simple explanation on how things were before and after Obama Care.

Before Obama Care, if a person did not have health insurance, the individual would just walk to an emergency room in most hospitals and clinics in the U.S.A. and would get the medical assistance they would require.  The costs would be reimbursed to the facility by the city, county, state or federal governments at tax payer expense.  Each procedure and medicine had an associated cost.healthcare_insurance_compensation

After Obama Care, the theory is that all people living in the U.S.A. are required to purchase healthcare insurance.  Obviously with less people working on less paying jobs, logically less Americans are not able to afford the mandatory healthcare insurance.  It does not take much to understand the facts.  So Obama met behind closed doors with the CEOs of the top healthcare insurance companies in the country and decided that the government would subsidize healthcare insurance for all Americans that cannot afford it.  In other words the government will pay for the healthcare insurance for Americans that cannot afford it using taxpayer’s moneys.  The big difference being that profits are now concentrated on a few healthcare insurance companies (the ones that met behind closed doors with Obama) that are few when compared with the number of healthcare providers.  This is why the quality of healthcare has gone down and the cost of services has gone up.

obama_care_costWith this simple explanation the nurse and the rest of the people listening on our table easily understood Obama Care and why it cannot work.  On top of this, most insurance exchanges (including the one in Minnesota where the Naïve American resides) are going belly up.  No problem, the U.S. Federal Government, at taxpayer expense, will pay so healthcare insurance companies make billions of dollars in profits each quarter.

I invite you to check what those not for profit healthcare insurance organizations are paying their top executives (including Blue Cross – Blue Shield of Minnesota).  Naïve Americans do live in a society in which the government brain washes it citizens just like China and Russia do.

The Naïve American


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