Iran, Israel and the USA

strolling_in_eagan_mnIt is a beautiful summer day in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.  It is a shame that it is Thursday as opposed to be a weekend day.  That said; my wife and I go for a walk every day around 06:00 PM.  Hopefully it will not be too humid or hot.

In the past few weeks I have been quite busy.  Today is no exception.  I just decided to take off half hour before lunch and write a blog entry.

In the past few months the Obama administration has been pushing SecretaryBarack Obama of State John Kerry to reach an agreement with Iran regarding nuclear weapons.  As the second presidential term for Obama is coming to an end, there is a push for a legacy in order to pave the way for the next Democratic president.  Based on facts, Obamacare has been a disaster and has not solved any problems.  Not all Americans have insurance.  Health plan insurance are getting more expensive and covering less.  The only winners are the insurance companies.  They are filling their coffers and paying their executives millions of dollars per year.  To top it off, the government is helping Americans that cannot afford insurance to pay for it.  Not sure in which world Obamacare makes sense.

kerry_making_gesturesIn the next few weeks the agreement to raise economic sanctions on Iran is due.  Of course Obama needed a number of politicians to vote for the agreement.  The agreement is quite ridiculous and will not prevent Iran developing nuclear weapons.  Of course, Hillary Clinton stated on TV this week that if Iran does not comply with the agreement there would be consequences which include military action.  Not sure what is wrong with her or the people that listens and is convinced that all is going to be well.hillary_clinton_making_gestures

Let’s switch sides and think as if we were the Iranian government.  Iran does not like or trust the USA and any of its allies.  Their society is quite different than ours (at least that is what we have been led to believe).  On one side you have politicians that pursued the agreement stating they will not pursue nuclear weapons.  On the other hand you have the clerics, which have stated this week that they do not trust the USA and will destroy Israel in the next few years.  Looks like clerics like the facts and are direct to the point.

putin_making_gesturesIn the USA we want to believe we have control on what occurs in the world.  That was a reality several decades ago (1950’s).  Today things are different.  Vladimir Putin is a charismatic president and runs circles around Mr. Obama.  Russia had been helping Iran with equipment and weapons.  Most important, the current Iran deal was orchestrated by Putin, not by Obama, Kerry or the USA.

Iran is going to have access to frozen funds.  That is a considerable amount of money.  Iran will also be able to sell their crude oil worldwide.  In less than a year they will have at their disposal billions of dollars.  That is an excellent opportunity to fund their nuclear weapons goals.  Keep in mind that they have at their disposal their entire country.  Some places might be very inaccessible or well disguised.

Israel and the USA conducted the first set of cyber attacks that had as a goal iran_clericsdestroyed equipment used to enrich Uranium.  They have enough experience to be very cautious with what lies ahead.  It will be very difficult for any country to sabotage Iran.

Iran has for decades expressed their dislike to Israel.  I would say it is more than a dislike.  Iran wishes to eradicate Israel.  It seems to me that we have a Hitler that is voicing what he will be doing to Israelis within twenty years and the world will just wait and see what happens.  Not sure what the USA would do if we were in the shoes of Israel.

netanyahu_making_gesturesThe Naïve American is convinced that Iran will have nuclear weapons in less than a year after sanctions are removed.  That said; the picture would be similar to the cold war days in which Russia and the USA spent money and resources to build nuclear arsenals.  The best deterrent being that both sides have enough power to destroy the opponent; in reality, to destroy the entire world.

Something needs to be said.  Not sure how much control and access different officials in Iran might have to launch a nuclear attack on any neighboring country.  We can say whatever of Russia, China or the USA.  The governments would not start a nuclear weapons attack on any country.  Can we be sure this is the case with Iran?  Who knows, some derailed Iranian might decide that he should blow the world to kingdom come so they would be rewarded with multiple virgins.  If you have been in the military, you know that the worse adversary is the one that does not care to be killed.  Not only that, but some people would blow themselves up in order to kill some opponents and inflict terror in survivors and spectators.nuclear_explosion

So, when the problem with Iran start, we need to pack all politicians that were in favor for lifting the sections on Iran and ship them to the nuclear war front so they are directly affected by the consequences of their actions.  Of course, you can listen to Hillary Clinton and realize that nothing that she or her husband has ever done is true, immoral or possibly illegal (ha, ha, ha).

The Naïve American

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