Europe Starts Putting Up Walls

erecting_refugee_wallsThis blog entry was motivated by the article “Europe starts putting up walls” from September 19, 2015 on The Economist.

A few weeks ago I wrote about some of the issues that Europe will face if they do not stop the uncontrolled immigration of people from the Middle East.  No country is able to accept and integrate unlimited number of immigrants some educated but the majority with little schooling.  It takes years to have them learn the language and retrain them to conform to the rules and regulations of the country.  Very few countries, if any, have such resources available.  Especially when dealing with hundreds of thousands of people of all ages.  Some are just children that will need healthcare and food for years to come while their parents become productive in their host country.

The article describes how German Chancellor Angela Merkel stated a few weeks ago that she supported refugesAngela_Merkel which will help improve the country.  Today, as expected by the Naïve American, she has changed her tune.  She has imposed controls along the borders to curtail the influx of immigrants.  The same holds true for Austria, Slovakia and the Netherlands.  Other countries in the area are erecting walls to stop the flux of people seeking refugee status and therefore benefits.

The European Commission suggested that each country allocates a quota of 120,000 refugees.  What are law makers thinking?  Who is going to be able to afford the bill?

Germany and other countries have done their fair share by allowing a few thousand refugees.  The current numbers are so big that there is no reasonable way to provide them with the integration support that is needed to make them productive citizens.  That is of course if one assumes that each and every refugee is interested in working and integrating.  Many are in it for the possible benefits.  They have no desire to integrate.  Possibly there are a few that were sent by insurgents to disperse in the European Community and wait for orders to initiate acts of terrorism.

refugees_in_europeOn top of what is currently happening with refugees, many more are still at home waiting for the call from family and friends to make their way up into the European Union.  In many cities throughout the United States, we have experienced such behavior.  A city brings in some refugees in order to help them based on the available resources.  As soon as the refugees settle, they call their families and friends.  Shortly after there are more refugees looking for asylum than the city has resources to welcome.  Property values start depreciating and lifetime residents start leaving the area.  After a few years the city turns into a suburb of a foreign country full of economic and legal issues.  Resentment grows and sooner than later discrimination starts.  In conclusion allowing refugees without control and real need does not tend to lead to a win-win situation.

Terrorists in Syria and other Middle East countries must be very happy for the havoc they have and continue to promote having so many refugees flock into the European Union.  It is not a matter of not being humanitarian but a matter of survival.  Europe cannot support so many refugees at once.  For a second, think of allowing millions of undocumented Latin Americans to enter the US.  Diversity is needed for most countries to succeed, but it needs to be properly managed in numbers and type of people to let in.

The Naïve American is glad that finally several countries in the European Union have reached such logical destroy_isilconclusion.  What is missing is action against the reason why so many people are fleeing their countries.  A couple weeks ago, 60 Minutes had a segment that illustrated what is happening in some Middle East countries and why.

The solution is to eradicate / eliminate terrorists that are destroying civilization and killing hundreds of thousands in that part of the world.  President Obama made a terrible mistake having our armed forces leave Iraq.  He did not care of the number of American lives lost, the cost to tax payers and the problems that were created for the US and the world.  Obama and his political advisors are not accountable for what they did.  Let’s make sure that the next president helps others so they are able to help others and us when there is a need.

The Naïve American


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