Freedom of Speech

voltaireIn the USA we are made believe that Naïve Americans have freedom of speech.  Do we really have such freedom in our country?  Read on and let me know what you think.

Every morning my wife and I go through a well defined routine.  I get up, get dressed and walk the dogs.  When I get back I change the water in their bowl.  I then start preparing breakfast.  Brew one long cup of coffee in a very fancy Italian coffee maker; put a scoop of plain yogurt in two bowls, cover the yogurt with homemade granola, add some blueberries and my final task is to cut a few fresh strawberries on to the bowl.  At that point, my wife is up and heads to the restroom.

At that time I feed the dogs.  They take some dry pellets and a couple spoons each of some diet dog food.  The foodbenjamin_franklin was prescribed by the vet for the male dog.  He had high cholesterol.  It is easier for me to feed the same diet to both.  I guess if anything, it will not harm the female.

After my wife is so to speak, up and running, she peels and slices a couple fresh bananas.  While she is finalizing breakfast I turn on the TV and watch a couple minutes of the local news.  When my wife signals me that she is done, I shut off the TV and take the banana peels out to the garbage bin.  Banana peels tend to have a not so nice odor after a couple hours being in the trash.

Today in the news I watch a segment about a city council member in a city in the Twin Cities area of Minneapolis and St. Paul.  Apparently he made a post on Facebook (I do not use Facebook) regarding some unhealthy customs of Muslims when using restrooms.  I guess the comment referred to restrooms in schools; not that it matters.  The rest of the city council voted requesting the person who made the comments on Facebook to resign his post.  They claimed he should not have made such comments.  What happened to his freedom of speech supported by one of the amendments to our constitution?

how_to_use_a_urinalIf I hear such comment, I would immediately reply making the observation that being a Muslim is just a choice of religion.  It is difficult for any thinking person to believe that if you are a Christian you are a clean person and know how to use a restroom.  Besides that, the city council member has the right to his opinion.  In the next election, city voters should think about having a representative that does not understand or know how to properly articulate what he meant.  Our alleged perfect political system should automatically account for such behavior if it upset the population in that city.  Otherwise, nothing is there to say or do.

This was an event in a small city in this area.  A year or so ago (wrote a post in this blog) a gentleman owner of a basketball team was having a private conversation with a person.  One way or the other, he made in private some racial remarks.  Somehow (it was a setup) the conversation was being recorded.  The story made the news for weeks.  The team owner was forced to sell his franchise.  What happened to his freedom of speech supported by one of the amendments to our constitution?

I do not follow sports at all.  I do watch on TV and read on my smart phone world and local news.  I can easily make the statement that many baseball, basketball and football players are highly paid common criminals.  Some do drugs, some drive while under the influence, some beat up their wife’s and girl friends, some have murder people, etc, etc.  Base on the number of players of league (i.e., NBA, NFL) when compared to the total population aaron_hernandezin the USA, there is a large percentage of criminals that most Naïve Americans pay to entertain them.  This is just a fact.  If I state that all players are criminals that would be a generalization which would be obviously incorrect.  That said, intelligent people would understand the difference and in my case might stop reading the Naïve American blog.  That is how our society and laws should work.  There is no need to invoke or misrepresent the freedom of speech amendment in our country.

We have rights in this country.  Let’s protect them by not abusing them.

The Naïve American

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