Donald Trump on Gun Control

fall_in_MNIt is a cold Saturday morning in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.  Fall tends to start early in this part of the country.  This year most grasses are green and most trees have most of their leaves.  Besides that, it has been cold in the past week or so.  Our highs for the days are in the lows 60s.  Our lows are in the med to upper 30s.  I would say it is a typical fall day.

This weekend we do not have our granddaughters.  My wife and I had some things to get done so the dogs were dropped at the dog sitter Thursday afternoon.  Typically we take them to the sitter on Friday.  Given that the dogs are not home, I did not have to walk them this morning.

My wife and I prepared breakfast as usual.  Sat down and chatted.  I told her that I had schedules a Skype call with my sister around 07:00 AM CDT.  At exactly that time came down to my home office and started Skype.  She was not available.  My sister is currently on the second year of a three year contract in a university in China.  We chat a couple times a month.  We are about 12 hours apart.  It should be around 08:00 PM on Saturday for her.  She probably had things to do and forgot our call.  It could also be that she might think the call was scheduled for Sunday evening her time.  If she does not show up on-line will re schedule for tomorrow.skype_screen

We tried to watch 60 Minutes every weekend.  On occasions, during sport seasons (i.e., football, golf) the program is delayed until the current sport event concludes.  Sometime 60 Minutes is an hour or more off the scheduled time.  We always record the program starting @ 06:00 PM on Sundays.  Instead of setting the DVDR to record the program for 60 minutes (no pun intended) we have it record three hours.  That way we assure that the program will be recorded.

60_minutes_donald_trumpThe last 60 Minutes was a special.  I believe it lasted two hours.  They had very good interviews.  The two that called my attention were an interview with the Russian president Vladimir Putin and the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.  This blog is dedicated to one of Donald Trump’s comments.  That said; the interview with Vladimir Putin was very good.  As Americans we need to make sure we elect a president that is at least charismatic and eloquent.  It makes a big difference in the international arena.  In the past year or so, 60 Minutes has interviewed the heads of state of Iran, Israel, Russia, Syria, USA, and the Vatican among others.  It seems like our president always falls short.oregon_college

Most of us has watched on TV or read about a gunman in a college in Oregon.  In retrospect, the modus operandi was very similar to most other cases we have experienced in our country in the past couple decades or so.  A mentally ill person, between their teens and late twenties, decides to end his (for some reason I do not seem to recall female perpetrators) life.  He collects a relative large number of handguns, rifles, shotguns and ammunition.  The mentally ill person makes posts on social media describing what is going on with his life and his plans.  The day of the crime, shows up at the selected site (most of the time some type of school) and walks around shooting people.  Eventually someone calls in 911.  Several minutes later, an army of police officers in military gear shows up and engages the shooter.  In some cases they are able to neutralize the gunman.  In others the perpetrator commits suicide or peacefully surrenders to police after killing and injuring innocent people.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?

President Obama on South Carolina ShootingThe day of the events, some set of opportunistic politicians, typically including president Obama, comes on-line offering his condolences for what has occurred, and demands more gun control.  Given that the approach is absurd, nothing has changed since this type of incident started to occur.  Opportunistic politicians, i.e., president Obama, wash their hands and point fingers to gun and ammo manufactures the NRA and Republicans.  I guess the Stupid American Voter is not able to understand what is going on.

One of my neighbors own guns.  I own guns.  My sons own guns.  My sister owns a gun.  My in in-laws own guns.  I know many people that own guns.  I also know many others that do now own a gun.  American politicians, you need to understand that GUNS DO NOT KILL PEOPLE, PEOPLE KILLS PEOPLE.  I would say that most (never say all) the absurd policies of politicians to curb gun killings have and will not work.  The simple reason is that they are geared to go after the innocent groups (i.e., gun manufacturers and legal gun owners).  They are not the problem.  That said; they might have part of the answer.  Read on to find out how.

The problem is not the guns but the people.  Our society has continued to grow and decay like any other society in history.  You may or may not want to admit it, but that is a fact.  Read some history to find out.  The way to address the issue at hand is to understand why young adults are becoming killers.  Look at the people that have committed such crimes and you will find a path of mental illness and / or brainwash.  Let’s take a quick look at each type of perpetrator to shed some light on the subject.mental_illness_gun_control

Most killers have a severe form of mental illness that has gone undetected, unreported, ignored by parents, family, friends and society at large.  If we could get help to such people when the initial symptoms manifest, most (never say all) individuals would be helped and possibly cured.  In some extreme cases some might have to be committed to mental institutions.  So why do politicians not propose the solution instead of jumping on the wrong bandwagon?  The answer is simple.  They and our society are not able to handle it.  We have grown to look for the simple and easy way out.  We want a pill to take care of our headache, of being tired, of not being able to sleep, of being overweight, of not educating our children, of not making decision that are good for society, etc.

Another group of killers have been radicalized by some terrorist group.  Terrorist are disguised as religious or political organizations that want to paint, in the vulnerable minds of vulnerable children and young adults, the idea that our society is bad and against them.  The only way to make a change is to punish the USA with terrorist criminal acts.  What is needed is to teach parents, family, friends and society at large to detect such behavior as early as possible and report it to authorities so the young adults can be treated.  This type of situation is even harder to detect but psychologists and psychiatrist should be able to help.  Of course in both situations, our government needs to provide the infrastructure and laws to make it happen while protecting innocent people.  Not an easy task, but one that is guaranteed to work.

chris_mintz_army_veteranI am not going to force my ideas and believe on people.  I just want Naïve Americans to think about what might have happened different in the situation at the Oregon College.  It appears that when the gunman started shooting classrooms went into shutdown.  The typical process is to close and lock doors, turn off light, bring down blinds, get away from doors and windows, hide behind tables and call 911 for help.  Most (if not all schools) periodically run such drills.  It takes several seconds to determine that something is wrong in the immediate area.  It takes a minute or two to get everyone to perform and complete the tasks and notify authorities.  It takes authorities a few minutes to show up.  It takes a few more minutes to neutralize the killer.  Overall it takes several precious minutes (five to ten) from the time the first shot is fired until the time when the threat is neutralized.  The shooter has enough time (regardless of the size of the clips or magazines that politicians believe make a difference) to look for people, ask them questions about religion, shoot them and look for or aim at the next target.  So what could be done if our government is not able to deal with mental illness and brainwashing issues?woman_with_concealed_weapon

I am a law abiding citizen.  I do own several guns and have a decent amount of ammunition at home.  All my guns with the exception of the one I carry concealed pistol are in a large and heavy Liberty Safe.  We also have an alarm system provided by ADT.  To top it off, we have two miniature pinchers that start baking when someone thinks of heading to our place (they are a couple of vicious and blood thirty 12 lbs canines) to visit or make a delivery.  Years ago I just pick up my concealed gun when I would leave home.  Today, based on what is going around in the world, I carry my gun while I am awake.  When I go to sleep I put it next to me.  You could label me as paranoiac, but it is better to be prepared than to be sorry.  There are too many home invasions and I do not want for my wife and family to become a statistic.  I am fully aware that in a few minutes (it takes between two and three minutes) for police to show up at our home after being called.  Of course too many things could happen in such time.

I want to express my sincere and deepest condolences to all the families of those people who were killed or injured in the incident in the Oregon College campus.  I believe one of the students was an Army veteran.  He was courageous enough and tried to stop the gunman.  Apparently he was shot several times.  The end result is that the gunman injured him and was able to continue on his rampage.  WHAT IF THE CORAGEOUS ARMY VETERAN HAD A PERMIT TO CARRY A CONCEALED WEAPON?  Things might have been quite different.  The threat could have been neutralized before police officers arrived at the scene.  More important, less people could have been injured or killed.  I fully understand that the Army veteran might not wish to own or carry a gun.  I am not sure if the law in the State of Oregon allows concealed weapons or weapons in general in schools.  That is an issue for politicians to address if they wish to stop violence.

After the shooting incident in Oregon, Donald Trump was interviewed.  He was asked about the issue.  He came up with the right answer.  The issue is not guns but the people that uses them.  That is the only way to solve the issue.  I know of Donald Trump.  Have looked from the outside several of his properties around the USA.  I have watched commercial on TV for his TV show.  I have never watched a show hosted by Mr. Trump.  I am not sure I ever will.  That said; his answer regarding mass killings was right on the money.  Of all politicians who are looking for the presidential nomination from all political parties, Mr. Trump seems to have some very good answers and approaches on several issues.  The rest of Democratic and Republican candidates seem to be the same as the ones already elected.  Mr. Trump appears to have good ideas.  He could refine somewhat the way he presents them.

trump_for_presientI do not attend a school at this point in time.  My wife and I do go to the theater a few times a year.  Mostly we watch the Metropolitan Opera from New York.  Each time I enter a theater, we tend to look for seats towards the center of the screen with no access from the back.  I look for spots that we could get cover and be able to respond to a gunman entering the room in order to be able to neutralize the threat and avoid my wife and family and additional innocent spectators getting hurt or killed.

Mass killings are not a simple and easy issue to resolve.  It is complex and needs the cooperation of elected politicians and the American people.  I hope I will never be involved in a situation in which I have to pull out my gun and attempt to neutralize a threat.  But if it happens I hope to be prepared to protect my family and innocent bystanders.

The Naïve American


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