CyberWar Threat

NOVA_logoToday is Saturday October 24, 2015.  It is a gloomy day.  Last night it rained on and off.  This morning when I got up and walked the dogs, the rain had subsided but the skies were ominous and it was windy.  The dogs did their business and we all hurried back home.  Besides running errands to the grocery store we will be home most of the day.  My son would like my granddaughters to watch the three (3) “Back to the Future” movies over the weekend.  As you might already know, October 21, 2015 (last Wednesday) was the date Emmet “Doc” Brown set in the Delorean Motor Company time machine in the second movie.  Now you know what we will be doing this weekend.

The “Back to the Future” franchise might be entertaining and perhaps inspiring for youngsters.  Along similar back-to-the-future-daylines, we record Nova episodes.  We keep a rolling window of three (3).  Depending on what is going on, my wife and I do not watch TV every day.  The DVDR from Comcast seems like a nice tool to have.  That said; more episodes of Nova are free on-line at  We do have Google Chromecast devices attached to all flat screens at home.  If we have the urge to watch an older episode, it is quite simple (and also free) to send them to any TV at home.  My youngest son got rid of cable at home.  They watch local and national TV and movies by just using the Internet.  They do not have to pay the $100+ USD a month for programs that they do not watch.  It is interesting to watch commercials for XFINITY which feature multiple devices simultaneously watching different programs.  In my opinion there are so few good choices that it is better to record them or just watch them on demand using the Internet.  We might drop our Comcast service and just switch for fast Internet from the same or other providers.  Why record when more options are offered for free on demand in the Internet.

Earlier this week, my wife and I watched the local (WCCO) and World News with David Muir.  There was nothing of interest following the news.  We decided to watch the last Nova episode recorded in our DVDR.  The last episode was titled “CyberWar Threat”.

countdown_to_zero_dayA few minutes into the program, I recognized that the episode seemed like a water-down version of the accounts from “Countdown to Zero Day” by Kim Zetter.  If you are interested in my comments on that book, take a look at the entry with the same title in the Books Read section on the web site.  If you watch the Nova episode and wish to learn more about the events, you will definitely enjoy the “Countdown to Zero Day” book.

The Nova episode was very good.  Given the time constraints (one hour) a lot of detail was missed.  To me the most important element was not presented or discussed.  I believe this was done on purpose for legal reasons.  The missing point was who developed Stuxnet and the world implications on releasing it.

To make the story short, the software was developed by the USA with some help from Israel.  The software zeroed on specific model of centrifuges used by Iran to enrich Uranium.  The idea behind the cyber weapon was to secretly sabotage centrifuges in order to slow down Iranian progress believed to be developing nuclear weapons.

History has showed many times, that the USA acts unilaterally and with total disregard to human rights.  On the other hand, we are first criticizing other countries when we conveniently see human rights violations elsewhere.  When the USA developed the first nuclear bomb, scientists did not know what was going to happen with the first nuclear explosion.  It could have continued to grow and destroyed the world.  We did not care and went ahead and detonated the first nuclear bomb.  Months later, we decided to drop two bombs in Japan and kill and injure hundreds of thousands (129,000 to 246,000) of civilians and soldiers with the justification that it would stop the Second World War.  Put this in perspective, the 9/11 attacks killed about 3,000 people.  It seems that the number of lives taken is not important when compared to the interests of our country.hiroshima

The Obama Administration keeps talking about the cyber attacks on computers in the USA.  We tend to blame it on foreign nations (i.e., China, North Korea).  The government promotes talks and agreements to stop cyber threats.  On the other hand, it was our government that started with the first attack against a foreign country (Iran).  It seems that we as a country have lost all values regarding what is wrong and what is not.  Politicians and lawyers need some extensive time meditating on values.

In the past few months, China, Iran, Israel, Russia, the UK, to mention just a few, are moving forward building alliances in order to move forward and leave the USA behind.  Recall that it was the Clinton administration that promoted globalization and allowed China to become the second economy in the world.  Based on what is going on, the USA might soon lose its first place.

presidential_candidates_2016We need to think about what is good for the country.  On the next presidential elections please look at all candidates across political parties and vote for the one which has the best plan for the USA as a whole, and not the interests of the Top 1% and unions (which in the opinion of the Naïve American should be outlawed).

The Naïve American

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