Terrorists in Paris, France

bataclan-concert-hallAs most people know, last Friday night six public sites in Paris, France were the target of a group of eight terrorists.  At this time the toll stands at 129 killed, 352 injured.  In the injured group at least 99 in serious conditions.

The Naïve American offers his deepest sympathies to the families who were affected by such despicable act by the Islamic State.

If you are interested in the pictures, video clips, and latest news, the Internet is full of them.  I rather spend my time thinking on what can be done in the future to prevent these events from repeating.  In this case, France was the target of the terrorist’s attacks.  As far as I can tell, there is nothing to prevent them from happening in the USA.

As a nation, we need to offer support to France and become part of the solution.  Presidents from different countries, including Barack Obama, have already offered their condolences and pledge support to France.  Of course such words come from politicians who are in office.  I seriously believe none of them has a plan to solve the problem which in the past couple decades has been building.US_attacks_ISIS

The Islamic State (ISIS) has already claimed responsibility for the cowardly attack on innocent civilians.  It is up to the rest of the world to join in an effort to eradicate ISIS.  That is only one aspect of the action plan.  Another parallel action is to prevent young people from being radicalized.  The last part of this comprehensive plan is to help people around the world to defend themselves against terrorist attacks.

The following lists the proposed action plan:

1) Eradicate ISIS.
2) Help people defend themselves.
3) Prevent radicalization of youth.

afghan_warAt this point, some people like president Obama, a day or so before the attack in Paris, stated that progress had been done in the war against ISIS.  That ISIS was being decimated.  Obama’s words, like the ones of most politicians, should not be considered.  They are only interested in their well being and are charged to lengthen the rule of Democrats in the White House.  Bill Clinton (D), George H. Bush (R) and George W. Bush (R) were not able to foresee and prevent ISIS from forming and becoming the problem they are today.  Based on history, unless there is a huge change in policy, the next president of the Unite States, whether it is a Democrat or a Republic, will keep the status quo (server the top 1% and fill their pockets).  We have already experienced terrorist attacks (9/11) in the homeland.  Chances are that there are more to come.

We in the USA believe that our military forces and technical skills are the best in the world.  With that mindset, we believe we have the means to address any issue around the world.  Look back at Afghanistan.  The Russians were there for a decade or so and they left with their tails between their legs.  The USA had the brilliant idea to teach the world, that only the USA could solve the problems in that country.  We went in, many American lives were lost and many more were injured.  We followed suit and left Afghanistan with our tail between our legs.  Not sure if China is dumb enough to follow suit.  Perhaps third time is the charm.israel_flag

The Middle East has been an issue since the British drew some maps and left the area.  One of the few (if not the only) light is Israel.  Many countries, including the European Union and to some extent the current US administration, are against the methods used by Israel to keep terrorists at bay.  I am not going to say that every single method used by them is perfect and has no flaws.  What we need to understand is that Israel being a state depends on their ability to fight back and eliminate aggressors.

We all have heard Liberals talk about granting concessions to terrorists and looking for approaches to resolve issues that would lead to have Palestinian terrorists and Israelis living together in a common area.  If you think along those lines, my answer is Utopia.  The Israeli government led thought is to stand down and peacefully live their lives.  When experiencing a terrorist attack, they respond fast and hard.  If rockets are launched from Palestine, Israel responds with air raids to such unprovoked attacks.  If terrorists attack Israelis in the streets with a car, knife, or handgun, the security forces and police respond immediately by neutralizing the threat with deadly force.  Then they go after the house of the attacker and demolish it.  The idea is to motivate family and friends of terrorists that all attacks will have deep repercussions among the people left behind.  I fully know things are not perfect in Israel.  The fact is that they could be worse if a strong hand is not used against terrorists.  If you do not believe this, think about the Holocaust.  Just wait for the Nazis to come and hope they do not murder you.  I am in full agreement with the Republican presidential candidate with stated that if Jews were allowed to have guns, the Holocaust could have been prevented.

Given that we do not live in Utopia, all countries in the world should join forces and make sure we fully neutralize the terrorist threats in the Middle East.  This is an immediate start but as I pointed out, it is only part of the approach which should achieve success.utopia

The second prong is to stop radicalization.  This is not an easy thing to do, but needs to be done and done right to address the issues with terrorists.  In America we see and hear of gun control.  Once again Liberals that wrongly believe the world is Utopia, think that guns are the issue to the killings by mentally ill people that in the past few decades has been on the rise.  Gun violence in the USA is also a multifaceted problem that needs different simultaneous approaches to achieve the goal of solving it.  It shares some of the issues with ISIS terrorists.  Guns used by terrorists are not purchased, owned and used by law abiding citizens that have permits to own and carry.  Guns used by terrorists are hard to get and law abiding citizens do not own or have access to them.  For example, I live in the State of Minnesota.  I have a permit to carry a concealed weapon.  I have a few hand and long guns.  When I was younger, in the military, I was trained to use automatic weapons.  In the last year in the Naval School, I had a pistol and a USI automatic weapon in my locker.  I was not alone.  We never had an issue with guns.  Guns do not kill people.  People kill people.  Let’s clarify.  Mentally ill people kill people.  France has strong gun laws.  As it was illustrated last week, terrorists had automatic weapons and explosives.  I can guarantee you that none of them had permits to own and carry such items.  Laws do not make a difference.

The issue is with the current state of mind of terrorists.  When an individual reaches a state of mind in which one is willing to end their live in order to harm others, there is not much that can be done to deter them.  The absurd idea that we have in the USA that prisons and jails deters criminals has been proven to only benefit the top 1%.  The USA has a private business building and managing prisons.  We have the largest population of incarcerated individuals in the world.  The USA does not have the lowest level of crime and violence.  The conclusion is that out hypothesis is incorrect and we need to try something else.  How hard is this for politicians and Americans to understand?

I agree that if a mentally ill person, call him a terrorist or whatever you feel comfortable with, decides to harm (kill) you, your family and friends, and he / she is in the same area / building with you and is about to perpetrate the heinous and terrorist act, what else is there to do but neutralize them in the spot?  I will tell you the correct / right answer.  You need to neutralize them with the use of lethal force.  I am not going to suggest that innocent people will not suffer casualties.  We will, but will greatly reduce the numbers of dead and injured.  We all know that law enforcement officers were able to respond quickly to the attacks.  The problem is that the toll on innocent people was so high.

This year in the USA there have been a few cases in which terrorists were about to kill multiple innocent people.  Law enforcement officers happened to be informed and were able to be in the scene just before the actual crimes were committed.  Police officers were able to use deadly force and stop the terrorists.  In most cases, unarmed people are and will be confronted with terrorists.  Deadly force has to be used to stop them and keep the number of casualties as low as possible.

Canada ShootingWe still have to deal with the second issue that is associated with mental illness.  When a person wants to commit suicide and kill others jail or prison is not a deterrent.  The only solution is to prevent such people from becoming ill.  Politicians who only want to stay in office want to tell us that the way to address the problem is to go after the people that radicalize youth.  This is because the top 1% of the population benefits from mass surveillance.  They sell goods to the government to spy on their citizens.  What we need to understand is that mass surveillance does not work in France, the USA or any other part of the world.  What we need to do is address the causes for mental illness.  That is a very complex issue which will not provide the top 1% with billions of dollars.

I was once a child.  I was also a teenager.  I was also a young adult.  If you are reading this blog entry, chances are that at least you are a young adult or most likely, you are an older individual.  The Naïve American attracts older (and I like to think wiser) audience.  When you were younger, you did not have the experience and information that you have collected and refined through the years.  Young people believe they know it all and are invincible.  As we know, youngsters are most of the time wrong and definitely they are not invincible.  What our society as a whole with the much needed help from the government needs to offer parents with the means to help them raise their kids to become productive young adults.  That does not mean that every child will grow to become a wealthy and influential individual.  Our youth, not only the ones from parents that practice Islam, is to some degree exposed to thoughts that do not make sense and do not lead to happiness.

Parenting, good education, food, healthcare among others plays a key role in the development of individuals.  We need to help not only our children, but children all over the world to have opportunities for them to become happy adults.  There is nothing wrong with a person that cleans offices, or the one that works in a fast food place, a politician, a nurse, a teacher, an attorney, a pilot, an engineer, or a scientist.  They all need to be able to live happy lives.  I fully agree that a perfect world is part of living in Utopia.  I fully understand that is not possible to achieve.  What we need to do is find the best ways to allow people to be able achieve their dreams of having a safe, happy and productive life.  Not all will make it, but youngsters will understand that there is a way to do it via hard work and time.  In the military one is taught that if you do not want to neutralize a threat you must leave a way out.  If a person is approaching you with some type of weapon, and the person decides to drop it and run away, you will allow that to happen.  When the person believes / knows you will shoot them even if they drop their weapon, there is no incentive to do so.  We need to provide the means and then teach youth that education and work will always get you to a happy and rewarding life.islam-jesus-is-the-slave

In conclusion, the governments of the world need to unite in destroying ISIS.  AT the same time they need to pass laws to allow people to protect themselves.  Carrying and using a weapon does not always help individuals protect themselves.  Some of us should never own or carry a fire arm.  That should be an individual choice.  The most important part of the solution is to help parents learn how to raise their children.  Lately it seems that parents do not spend enough quality time with their offspring.  Preventing terrorists is a job for parents and parents need to have the support and means to do so.  Children are prone to be radicalized between ages 12 and 25.  Parents, governments and private companies should join in helping parents take care of their children.  The benefits will be shared by humanity as a whole.

The Naive American

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