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donald_trump_for_presidentThe general elections for 2016 are approaching rapidly. This year Election Day is Tuesday November 09, 2016. In an attempt to beat the rush hour, tomorrow around 10:00 AM, my wife and I will go to the polls. It seems that the process has not changed much since the first time presidential elections were held in January 07, 1789.

Unless I am mistaken, this year we have two presidential candidates to choose from. Hillary Clinton, a politician and wife of President Bill Clinton representing the Democratic Party and Donald Trump, a billionaire entrepreneur representing the Republican Party.

The current president is Barack Obama. Mr. Obama tried different things during his eight years in the presidency. Seems like nothing worked well. His main push was for the Affordable Care Act. It was just a mechanism to help people in the top 1% in the health insurance business to get more policies sold. The prices of healthcare insurance rose by at least 50%. The cost of healthcare in the USA continues to be the highest in the word and it is ranked as follows by the World’s Health Organization:

1 France

2 Italy

3 San Marino

4 Andorra

5 Malta

6 Singapore

7 Spain

8 Oman

9 Austria

10 Japan

11 Norway

12 Portugal

13 Monaco

14 Greece

15 Iceland

16 Luxembourg

17 Netherlands

18 United Kingdom

19 Ireland

20 Switzerland

21 Belgium

22 Colombia

23 Sweden

24 Cyprus

25 Germany

26 Saudi Arabia

27 United Arab Emirates

28 Israel

29 Morocco

30 Canada

31 Finland

32 Australia

33 Chile

34 Denmark

35 Dominica

36 Costa Rica

37 USA

Take a look at the following article in Forbes: The World’s Most Reputable Countries 2016: U.S. Ranks 28th

RI’s ranking system is based on online surveys of 48,000 within G8 countries compiled this spring on 16 attributes, such as: is a country a safe place to visit? Is it beautiful? Is it friendly and welcoming to residents? Does it have progressive social and economic policies? Is it run by an effective government? And several other questions.

Topping the list this year is Sweden, which jumps two spots up from its third place berth in 2015. Sweden received the highest marks among all countries for perception of an effective government, and ranked second among respondents for appealing environment and in the nature of its advanced economy. It is seen by many as safe and welcoming.

In second place this year is 2015’s first place: Canada, the only nation in the Top-10 from the Americas. The next highest ranked American country was Costa Rica (No. 22), Peru (No. 23) and Brazil (No. 24). The United States ranked 28th on the list, in between Poland and Argentina. Like many in the Top-10, Canada is seen, according to RI’s survey, as happy, peaceful and relatively free of corruption.

Switzerland placed third on this latest ranking, not surprising as the European nation has lingered obama_pictureamong the top ranked nations for the past several years. It ranked most reputable in 2014. This year it again was seen as peaceful and unhampered by corruption and, behind Denmark, the happiest nation within the survey.

If you are planning on voting this year, I would suggest for you to first read the rest of this article.

How about the latest attempt by President Obama to normalize the relations with Cuba? For that take a look at the following article:

What Do Cubans Think of Normalization With the United States? Found at:

They’re divided, by generation and class, over whether it will be a good thing.

The only change that we have seen in the USA, are hotel and airline companies rushing to make more money by opening new hotels and flying tourist from the USA to Cuba. The Cuban government continues to oppress their citizens with the only difference that the government has more funds thanks to President Obama. The actual reason for getting close to Cuba was an attempt to gain votes in Florida for the upcoming presidential election. That is how politicians buy votes. Nothing has or will be done changing Cuba, but the Naïve Floridians might think that Democrat politicians have good ideas.

We have heard the Obama administration complain about China and Russia spying on the USA using the Internet and other high tech mechanisms. The Obama administration was the first to conduct a cyber attack on Iran with the purpose of destroying centrifuges to slow down the development of nuclear weapons. The same Obama administration, after President Putin proposed lifting economic bans on Iran, claimed to be the leaders of the agreement which has created additional instability in the Middle East. In addition it has placed one of are few allies, Israel in harm’s way.

Mr. Obama got elected eight years ago. At the time he still owed moneys on student loans. In theory, politicians should not profit from governing. That said; in a couple months, Mr. Obama and family are moving to a new 5 million USD home. Where did he get that money? Apparently from royalties from his book. I am not sure most people understand the effort in writing a book. Seems like that the job of being president of the United States, traveling to Hawaii and Marta’s Vineyard on holidays was not enough to keep Mr. Obama busy.

hillary_clintonNow let’s talk a little about Hillary Clinton. Years ago she ran against Obama and she lost. She then took different political / government posts in an attempt to build on her name. Obviously her real ego and interest came through with Benghazi, the email server scandal, contributions to get green a green card by foreign nationals among dozens of other skeletons in the closet that she seems to amass in short time. As is well known with politicians, she changes her opinion based on popularity rankings with voters. The past eight years have been a disaster for relations and right of African Americans. Obama as the president was not able to prevent the decline. For some reason, Mrs. Clinton portrays that she is capable of making a change.

During the presidency of Bill Clinton, the USA lost the most jobs in history. Jobs moved to China among other countries. Military secrets were stolen which allowed the largest build up in arms and products in China in the past 60 years. All this was promoted by Walmart which is based in the home state of the Clintons. Keep in mind, that today, 5% of the trade deficit in the USA can be traced to imports by Walmart. The people that was most affected are the same that buy goods at Walmart and to some extent Sam’s Club. Years ago, my wife and I switched from Sam’s to Costco due to gimmicks they play to fire employees that are above the minimum wage salaries.

In my opinion, a few months ago Hilary Clinton stated clearly who she is and what her policies will be if she gets elected. When she demanded to publish the income taxes of all candidates (her and Donald Trump), she made a big deal about the 10 M USD she and her husband made last year due to speeches. Stop for a second and think who would like to hear a former politician speak? Nobody in their right mind would listen, less pay hundreds of thousands to hear them speak for an hour. The reason is that politicians have nothing to say. They do nothing interesting or move forward business, science or technology. So why would not disclosed parties give money to Hillary Clinton? The answer is quite simple. They expect something in return. All over the world this is called bribery. In the USA, politicians have passed laws to call it political contributions. On the other hand, Donald Trump owns multiple businesses that provide thousands of jobs paid with income and not taxpayer money.

I could go on for hours if not days discussing the illogical and politically motivated policies that Hilary Clinton is pitching. I could also spend some time discussing and questioning the words that Donald Trump chooses. Remember that Bill Clinton almost got impeached by one of many affairs he had at the White House while he was president and Hillary Clinton was in the vicinity. Bill Clinton proved with actions that he had no respect for women, his wife or daughter. How easy is for some people to forget and ignore facts.corrupt_politicians_usa

In my humble opinion Hillary Clinton represents and stands for how the political system has grown to be a pool of corruption in the past 60 years. Donald Trump represents what America should go back to; which I believe he states as “Make America Great Again”.

Most Naïve Americans seem to equate political elections to a football game. There are two teams (political parties). For some reason, people (voters) line up behind the Democratic or Republican Party (team). After the elections they feel that their team (party) won or lost and will not give additional thought to the consequences. Of course, many Naïve Americans, due to the job that they work in, belong to a union or are part of a race (i.e., White, Hispanic, Black) or a religious group (i.e., Muslim, Christian, Jewish) and follow what the majority of their group does. Candidates make promises to such groups in order to get (buy) their votes. In Minnesota, the current Democratic governor is an example of how to get elected by promising unions additional benefits and collecting and disposing of more taxes than they should.

vote-2016America is as or more corrupt than any other country. There is fraud and crime all over in America. We need to start making the necessary changes so gradually and slowly we eliminate the breed of politicians currently in office. Will a single president be able to get this done? NO; but someone has to start. Please keep this in mind for future generations when you vote in the upcoming general elections.

The Naïve American

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