Congratulations President-Elect Donald Trump

president-elect-donald-trumpToday I woke up around 04:30 AM CST. Open the BBC news and found out that the winner of the 2016 presidential elections was Mr. Donald Trump. Congratulations Mr. Trump!!!

Contrary to what most readers of this blog may believe, I am not into politics. I believe politics are dirty. Well known examples are Bill and Hillary Clinton. They are both prime examples of the spread of corruption in our political system.

Like the majority of Naïve Americans agreed yesterday, the choice was obvious. Elect a corrupt politician no one can trust or a successful business person? I am glad that Mr. Donald Trump was elected.

Being elected is just the first step on a long and treacherous journey. Corruption is not only in the hillary_clinton_corrupt_politicianDemocratic Party, it is very similar in the Republican side. Hopefully Mr. Trump will find ways to start by promoting and approving laws that take away special consideration for all politicians. Politicians are not in office to become rich at the expense of Naïve Americans. That is something that should not go well with Mr. Trump given that he made and continues to make money working not using taxpayer’s money to pay back individuals who fund politicians.

I fully understand that cleaning up the political system will take at least a decade. This first four years should provide voters with an indication if Mr. Trump should be reelected in another four years.

I would like to give a few examples of political corruption in the State of Minnesota. The Minnesota Zoo is located in the city of Apple Valley. It has its main access entry on McAndrews road. The road is an avenue with double lanes in each direction. It is divided by a grass and concrete median. My wife and I drive on McAndrews quite often. It is convenient to access main roads when heading to Minneapolis. We also use it to get to Costco in Burnsville. The road has considerable vehicular traffic.

mn_zooThe zoo grounds have animal exhibits, a farm and a movie theater. During winter not too many people visit the zoo. In late spring, summer and early fall attendance goes up. During such months, it is not strange to see one or two police cars on the east on McAndrews helping cars cross the divider to enter and leave the zoo grounds. The actual parking lots are a few blocks from the actual zoo entrance. I would say you would need to walk about one mile from McAndrews to get to the actual zoo entrance.

During the past construction season (we have only two seasons in Minnesota, winter and construction) McAndrews by the zoo was being updated. Given the time and number of workers, the bill must have been in the tens of millions of taxpayers’ money. Not sure all that work was required; but maintaining the road infrastructure is something that needs to be done. We also noted a lot of construction at and around the entrance. My wife and I and several people in our community thought the project would entail a bridge to allow easy and not stop of cars in and out of the zoo. As construction progressed, it did not look like the changes would support car or bus traffic. When done, we found out that a long bridge for pedestrians and some signs were the extent of the project.

Most of us heard of the bridge to nowhere in Alaska. Well, politicians managed to repeat the feat. If you take a look at the area by the zoo entrance (thanks to Google Earth you can), you will notice that there are no houses in the immediate vicinity. A pedestrian would have to walk for at least a mile to get to the bridge and must be coming from the south side of McAndrews. Not only that, but as you can also see, once at the door you need to walk another mile to get to the actual zoo entrance. After a day at the zoo walking and pushing a stroller, you will then have to walk for at least two miles, and live on the south side of McAndrews to use the new bridge built at the expense of taxpayers. How could this have been allowed?

As I mentioned before, we use McAndrews to get to Hwy 77 north when we need to go to the Mall of old_cedar_bridgeAmerica, Minneapolis or the west side of the Twin Cities. Millions of dollars were also spent on a section of that road to add a bus stop. Not sure how many people will be using such stop. For sure it will be beneficial to a handful of shoppers that go to the Eagan Outlet. I guess, spending millions of dollars for the possible benefit of a couple hundred individuals and construction companies is good ;o)

Hwy77 has a three lane bridge (Minnesota River Crossing) in each direction to cross the Minnesota River. The bridge has been painted for a cost of 3.5 million dollars. I guess if the bridge needed some painting, the work and moneys were justified. On the west side of the bridge, about 100 yards away is the Old Cedar Avenue Bridge. The frame is metal. The driving area with only one car capacity had been abandoned for years. My sons and I probably are one of the few people that used to bike from Eagan to the Minneapolis lakes and back most summer weekends. We used the Old Cedar Avenue Bridge because of traffic on the main bridge. The entire area by the bridge was not clean and had very few visitors. At some point the bridge planks were removed due to safety concerns. The logical next step would have been to remove the old bridge to reduce metal contamination in the waters of the Minnesota River. But, once again, moneys were spent redoing the useless bridge. Please feel free to use Goggle Earth and check the area. Once again, some elected politician had to pay off a political contributor with taxpayers moneys.

I can go on and on with cases that show poor fiscal practices (to say the least) benefiting not even a 0.1% of the population.

mark_dayton_photoOne more thing that happened just before the presidential elections related to the Governor of Minnesota Mark Dayton. As we all know and there are statistics that prove it, the Affordable Healthcare Act was and is a complete disaster for most Naïve Americans. The exceptions to the statement are insurance companies that have benefited from the out of control price hike and poor service. Of course, being a Democrat, Mark Dayton just repeats without any facts, how great Obamacare is for Minnesotans and all Naïve Americans. The system is broke and can only be supported by taxpayer moneys. So to add insult to injury, Mark Dayton demanded lifetime health benefits only offered to politicians for him and a large group of elected politicians. What is going on? What goes through the minds of the majority of Minnesotans that not only elected Mark Dayton, but also reelected him?dayton_dirty_jobs

Hope Mr. Trump helps promote changes to laws and regulations that corrupt politicians have passed through the last 60 years or so, to protect their behavior. It is not possible that elected officials with student loans leave office with homes worth millions of dollars. Will see what Mr. Trump is able to do in the next four years.

The Naïve American

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