In the early 1990’s one of my sons was attending a social studies class in high school.  The teacher asked if someone could name a modern civilization that might have already peaked and might be starting to decline.  Of all the students present at the time only two mentioned the Unites States of America (USA).  The professor then asked the rest of the pupils if any shared such opinion.  No one else did because …  No one was able to come up with a logical and objective reason why the USA would not follow the fate of every single great civilization according to history.

Years have gone by since that event.  Now and then some experience or news refresh my idea of doing something in an attempt to delay what history has taught us to be inevitable.  Perhaps we might put enough thought and effort to the situation and might be able to alter what seems inevitable.

This web site and blogs are an attempt to make Americans think about the way we conduct our lives and using an objective approach come up with ideas which will hopefully delay and then revert the decay of the USA.  The goal is to bring up issues and discuss them in an objective way presenting ideas and plans to achieve a possible solution.

I am hoping that readers like you, would come up with better ideas or better implementations that could be passed on to key people in our society who are empowered to make the necessary changes.  Among the people that could induce change are politicians, investors, business owners, scientists, engineers, bankers, students, stay home parents; … the list goes on and on.  In general the only way to change history is for the vast majority of Americans to understand the gravity of the situation, think about ways each and every individual may induce change, and finally follow through with the proposed approach.

Enjoy reading the blogs and feel free to provide constructive comments and suggestions, which may agree or disagree with the ideas presented under specific categories or topics.  By addressing the situation at hand using the scientific method our chances for success are increased exponentially.

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